Gmail vs Yahoo, Which is Best Email Service?

Gmail vs Yahoo: since the popularity of the services of the internet took flight. Both Gmail and Yahoo Mail are old school names in the world of the internet who have been trying to get the most number of users to sign up for the services ever since their release. Gmail and Yahoo both have seen their respective limelight during their peak years. Currently, neither of them are getting substantial increase and their user base because right now we have better options like gmail posteingang anzeigen, GMX & social media websites which offer free to use messaging services. Today’s army and goal are to compare these two services head to head and find out who is the clear winner in the Quest to search for the best emailing service.

Gmail vs Yahoo


Both the emailing services have renowned themselves as Giants in their field over the years. Google tried to build an ecosystem around  applications and services that would be interlinked and connected with Gmail, Whereas, on the other hand, Yahoo has always been on the safer side of introducing a new stand forum based emailing service that would work only with their supported news platform and Yahoo answers. Currently, in my opinion, the emailing features of both websites are on par with each other.


Gmail account opens lots of possibilities in the year 2018 for you. Because Gmail isn’t the only product or service that is offered by Google right now. Google has many other products like Android, Docs, Drive, Youtube, etc which are all interconnected with the help of the free to use the emailing platform. Hotmail also recently has seen a huge visual overhaul which makes things a bit more complicated for people who used to choose their email account on the basis of graphics.

Notable Features –

1. Unlimited inbox messages with huge attachment capabilities with the help of Google Drive.
2. The spam-free environment with filter features that keep everything safe.
3. Gmail keeps your safety as the top priority when it comes to you i.e the users hence encryption is something that has always been part of it.


Yahoo is one of the top emailing services available currently and is a huge competitor of gmail. Even though Gmail has the largest user base Yahoo still has a respectable amount of active users who are regularly joining in. The acquisition of Yahoo By the multinational company Verizon is something that is seen as a positive change because it would bring in more overhauls to make sure that Yahoo Mail still remains a profitable business.


1. Good visuals and decent inbox graphics.
2. Integration of all the yahoo news and other related services.
3. Quick updates to keep everything to the latest


Even though both the services are good in their own ways it just makes more sense to you sign up and its services right now & is also good emailing service. It is an overall complete experience that would provide you with many features all around.