11 Email Marketing Tips You Should Know

The Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe. At a glance, Amsterdam might seem like an island of bicycles and canals, but it’s also home to one of the world’s largest ports. For anyone looking to send bulk email marketing campaigns, Netherlands represents a lucrative opportunity for success. This blog post will give you 11 tips that have been tested by our team at Dutch Marketing Company – Nederlandse Marketing Firma BV and will help you get started on your way!  11 Email Marketing

11 Email Marketing Tips You Should Know

  1. The Netherlands has a high population density, which means you’ll have access to more potential customers.
  2. Research shows that the Netherlands is one of Europe’s most tech-savvy countries when it comes to email marketing or online campaigns.
  3. Dutch Marketing Company – Nederlandse Marketing Firma BV recommends using responsive design and campaign tracking to increase your effectiveness and reach.
  4. Netherlands is a member of the European Union, which means that Dutch Marketing Company – Nederlandse Marketing Firma BV can send campaigns on behalf of customers in all EU countries.
  5. The Netherlands has one of the highest internet penetration rates for any country with 79%! This figure keeps growing as well.
  6. Netherlands is a good place to start your email marketing campaign because Dutch Marketing Company – Nederlandse Marketing Firma BV has resources and expertise that can help you find success!
  7. The Netherlands has a high level of digital literacy and people often use Dutch Marketing Company – Nederlandse Marketing Firma BV to communicate with contractors, business partners or employees.
  8. The Netherlands is home to one of the largest ports in Europe and it’s well connected by air transport networks.
  9. The Netherlands provides an excellent opportunity for bulk email marketing campaigns to succeed.
  10. Netherlands is a member of the European Union, which means that Dutch Marketing Company – Nederlandse Marketing Firma BV can send campaigns on behalf of customers in all EU countries.
  11. The Netherlands has one of the highest internet penetration rates for any country with 79%! This figure keeps growing as well.

Email: Netherlands, Amsterdam, Europe’s most densely populated country, 78% internet penetration rate for all of Netherlands, member European Union, Netherlands has resources and expertise to help you find success.

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How To Use Hotmail For Email Marketing in the Netherlands

  1. Hotmail is owned by Microsoft
  2. Hotmail has a number of tools available for email marketing
  3. Hotmail’s features include Group collaboration, Basic HTML, and custom branding.

Blog Post Conclusion

Now that you understand how to use Hotmail as a service provider or campaign manager it will be easier to design your emails with the Hotmail tools and features.  Hotmail Inloggen is a good tool for email marketing in the Netherlands because it has many useful tools and features to use.

How to Install Movie Box App on iOS and its Alternatives

MovieBox App is a streaming app that allows you to find and watch movies online for free. It’s great when you want something new to watch, but don’t want the cost of a movie ticket or membership at Netflix. The MovieBox app offers a wide variety of genres, from action films to kids movies. You can also download it on iOS devices if you have an iPhone or iPad! Here are steps on how to install this fantastic app:

1) Go into Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > click ‘Trust’ next to “Movie Box” profile;

2) Open up Safari and go here: Moviebox

Install Movie Box App on iOS – Step-by-step instructions for how to install the app, including registering an account and logging in.

The installation process is simple: just go into Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > click ‘Trust’ next to “Movie Box” profile; then open up Safari and go to the website for instructions on how to install MovieBox App.

Now that you know how to download and install, it’s time to sign up! When you first login after installation, a popup will appear asking if your country is supported. If not yet registered with Movie Box or don’t want another account, just tap ‘No’ and proceed to register.

This is where you enter your email address, create a password, then select a username (choosing one that’s not too easy for others to guess). Be sure to use an email account with the correct country so it can be verified! Once logged in successfully, now we’re ready to find some movies.

-This is an example of a bullet point or number. Do not use these in your content.

Click “Browse Movies” then scroll down the page to find what you’re looking for, from genre to category and year. You can also search by title if that’s easier! Once you’ve found something interesting, click on the movie poster and the video will start.

You can also add a profile picture for your account, edit your email or password, delete apps from iTunes if you want to uninstall MovieBox App (likely not needed). When finished watching a movie on the MovieBox app, just press the ‘back’ button twice to return to the homepage where it shows the latest movie.

-This is an example of a bullet point or number. Do not use these in your content.

Now that you know how to get the MovieBox app on iOS, it’s time for some movie watching! Hopefully this article has helped and remember: don’t forget about our other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to stay up-to-date on all the latest MovieBox App news!

MovieBox App Alternatives
So you’ve heard about the MovieBox app and now want to know some of it’s other alternatives? Well, if that is your case then this article will compare some different movie streaming apps.

*Movie Box App Alternatives *- VideoPizza – VidMate

VideoPizza: This iOS application has more than 12 million downloads and offers a good selection of movies for various tastes. VidMate: This Android application has more than 200 million downloads and it also features many different movie titles to choose from.

Movie Box App Alternatives – Movie HD

MovieHD is an iOS application that claims to provide users with the latest in Hollywood releases, as well as other popular movies.

rtl stream

RTL is the largest private broadcaster in Germany. It reaches more than 10 million people every day through its TV channels, web and mobile services. rtl stream broadcasts 18 hours of live programming per day on average, not including news channel N24 or sports channel Eurosport 1 and 2.

Movie Box App Alternatives – Flixtor

Flixtor is an iOS application that has more than 15 million downloads in over 150 countries and offers a wide selection of HD films. It’s interface can be confusing for some people, but it still remains one of the best alternatives to MovieBox app

Movie Box App Alternatives – Burning Series

Burning series have lots of programs and series that are in the process of being aired, but it is very difficult to keep up with them all.

burning series has a very useful and complete list of all the upcoming series, which is continuously updated.

– This list is not only of upcoming series but also has information about the previous seasons. It allows you to quickly see which episodes are coming up and whether there will be new ones in the next few weeks

– The site uses a Netflix-type layout that makes it easy to find your favorite genre or specific show with just one click.

– There are also lists of all the animated series, as well as a list for those who prefer to watch short episodes.

You can’t go wrong with this site if you’re looking for something new to watch!

Gmail vs Yahoo, Which is Best Email Service?

Gmail vs Yahoo: since the popularity of the services of the internet took flight. Both Gmail and Yahoo Mail are old school names in the world of the internet who have been trying to get the most number of users to sign up for the services ever since their release. Gmail and Yahoo both have seen their respective limelight during their peak years. Currently, neither of them are getting substantial increase and their user base because right now we have better options like gmail posteingang anzeigen, GMX & social media websites which offer free to use messaging services. Today’s army and goal are to compare these two services head to head and find out who is the clear winner in the Quest to search for the best emailing service.

Gmail vs Yahoo


Both the emailing services have renowned themselves as Giants in their field over the years. Google tried to build an ecosystem around  applications and services that would be interlinked and connected with Gmail, Whereas, on the other hand, Yahoo has always been on the safer side of introducing a new stand forum based emailing service that would work only with their supported news platform and Yahoo answers. Currently, in my opinion, the emailing features of both websites are on par with each other.


Gmail account opens lots of possibilities in the year 2018 for you. Because Gmail isn’t the only product or service that is offered by Google right now. Google has many other products like Android, Docs, Drive, Youtube, etc which are all interconnected with the help of the free to use the emailing platform. Hotmail also recently has seen a huge visual overhaul which makes things a bit more complicated for people who used to choose their email account on the basis of graphics.

Notable Features –

1. Unlimited inbox messages with huge attachment capabilities with the help of Google Drive.
2. The spam-free environment with filter features that keep everything safe.
3. Gmail keeps your safety as the top priority when it comes to you i.e the users hence encryption is something that has always been part of it.


Yahoo is one of the top emailing services available currently and is a huge competitor of gmail. Even though Gmail has the largest user base Yahoo still has a respectable amount of active users who are regularly joining in. The acquisition of Yahoo By the multinational company Verizon is something that is seen as a positive change because it would bring in more overhauls to make sure that Yahoo Mail still remains a profitable business.


1. Good visuals and decent inbox graphics.
2. Integration of all the yahoo news and other related services.
3. Quick updates to keep everything to the latest


Even though both the services are good in their own ways it just makes more sense to you sign up and its services right now &  Yahoo.de is also good emailing service. It is an overall complete experience that would provide you with many features all around.